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A Brief History of the Apocalypse


Doomsday timelines
Here are some lists of doomsday dates on the 'Net, some authored by believers and others by skeptics.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again by Alma Geddon - an absolute must-see!
The Millennium, and End-of-the-World Prophecies by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
The Doomsday List by Curt van den Heuvel - an excellent list of recent prophecies by internuts, complete with links.
Knowing the Day and the Hour - a long, informative list
Library of Date Setters of The End of the World!!! - hundreds of dates, but rather slow to load.
A balanced approach to the millennium by J. Michael Feazell and Mike Morrison
Will Christ Return in the Year 2000?
A Chronicle of Predictions
Time Line of Doom by Armageddon Watch - future predictions with links
Ghosts of Doomsday Future
Falsos Profetas e Apaziguadores - a great article, but first brush up on your Portuguese!


Watchtower Dates - details on the failed prophecies of the Jehovah's Witnesses
"The End Is Nigh": A talk about the history of doomsday predictors - a transcript from Ockham's Razor
A letter written by Christian author Richard J. Foster to people on his Renovaré mailing list.

Additional resources:

Apocalypse! - The page of the PBS Frontline special on the Apocalypse - loads of interesting articles!
Holiday Calculator - Find date of Christian and Jewish holidays throughout the ages. (Gregorian calendar only.)
Calendar Conversions - Convert dates to and from the Gregorian, Julian, Jewish and French Republican calendars.
Bible Gateway online Bible search - Enter keywords to look up verses in the Bible.
Center for Millennial Studies
Apocalypse & Millennium Fever Links
The Religious Movements Page - interesting synopses of various cults and sects
Rapture Ready - interesting articles and wacky paranoia by real live Rapture believers!

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